Newslife 2.05

Streamlined RSS reader

Newslife is a minimalistic RSS reader that makes following your favorite sites and blogs a pleasure. View full description


  • News bin
  • Slimline design
  • Optimised Flickr and picture support
  • Powerful search tool


  • Fonts can be a bit small
  • No specialised podcast support

Very good

Newslife is a minimalistic RSS reader that makes following your favorite sites and blogs a pleasure.

Newslife displays custom icons for each of your feeds and allows you to create folders to store feeds based on a certain topic. The right side of the interface includes a handy search tool and you can quickly view all feeds for the day or all unread ones. Another way of filtering posts is by clicking the source or published date on any post.

The newsbin section is one of the most useful features of Newslife. Here you can store all notes that you find of interest and then send them by mail or post them instantly to sites such as Digg and In addition, Newslife also allows you to post feed items to your own blog, but you'll need to have an external blog editor such as WordPress or Marsedit installed. Finally, another interesting feature is the Text-to-Speech function which allows you to listen to any post you've placed in your news bin.

The beauty of Newslife is that the slimline interface makes reading your feeds easy. There have been many improvements in version 2 also that make it even better in terms of optimized Flickr support, a Picture mode and 9 different themes. There's no specialist support for podcasts yet though but this is a minor drawback.

Newslife is an excellent minimalist RSS newsreader that makes reading feeds a pleasure.


  • Improved Add Feed dialog with feed auto-discovery. You can now just type in any web address and NewsLife will attempt to locate an RSS feed for it automatically. For .com sites you don't even need to type a URL, just the name of the site. You can also specify the folder into which the site is added.
  • Improved Import dialog. It's now easier to import all or specific feeds from an OPML file. NewsLife now also lets you import the folder structure if present.
  • NewsLife 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 restore full compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). This support will be maintained at least until Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) ships.

Your news life is all the time you spend surfing the web following up on world events, your favorite blogs, checking sports scores and so on. NewsLife lets you take control of this and streamline your web viewing to save your valuable time and make the whole experience more fun and rewarding.

It's pretty simple, NewsLife lets you organise all the websites and blogs you get your daily news fix from just like a list of bookmarks. It then goes off and checks the news feeds of those websites and downloads all the headlines and presents them to you - sans ads and clutter so you can pick what you want to read quickly and easily. You can usually view a summary of each headline - or with some sites you can view the whole story without even having to visit its website - neat!

Most RSS aggregators, as they're known, are aimed at geeks - they're full of features and complexity that either gets in the way or isn't useful to you if you've just got a handfull of blogs you want to keep an eye on. NewsLife has been designed from the ground up to focus on being genuinly easy to use - it doesn't try and replace iTunes or your web browser, it's designed to fit seemlessly into your Internet experience, and to make it better.



Newslife 2.05